Assimilate Scratch
Color GradingAward Winning SCRATCH – 6K RED RAW, Alexa Raw, Phantom, file processing, conforming and Color GradingScratch is a real-time, resolution independent finishing workflow solution with a robust feature set that includes data management, review/playback, assemble/edit, conform, primary and secondary color grading, multi-layer grading stack, audio, visual effects, support for 1D, 3D and customer developed LUT’s, and final mastering to any format.

Our system can handle 2k to 6k footage with primary and secondary color correction, power Windows and all types of keys.

Assimilate Scratch grades the footage in their highest quality, either on Red Camera files (R3D) in their native RAW format with full control over camera Metadata or as 10bit DPX sequences in a 32 bit floating point color space.

There is no other system that can work as quickly and efficiently when conforming and grading 5K Red EPIC Camera footage, Alexa RAW, Sony F65, Sony F55, Sony F5, Phantom.

Autodesk Smoke / Flame
Online Visual effects system Autodesk Smoke
Smoke features 3D visual effects, keying, rotoscoping, paint, tracking, flexible input and output, sophisticated audio tools, archiving, and workflow management.

One of the industry’s most sought-after online visual effects systems in post-production today, Autodesk Smoke gives artists interactivity and flexibility and delivers at the speed of thought.

Smoke offers superior 5K performance and an industry-renowned creative toolset for compositing, advanced graphics, and client-driven interaction.


Avid Media Composer / Adone CC / FCP
Offline SystemOur Avid & FCP suite contain the latest Mac-based Media Composers and our Final Cut Pro suites run version 7.
All suites are capable of both offline and online, have HD monitoring and are connected to our 32TB EditShare system.
All suites can either be wet or dry-hired.


VFX & Motion Graphics
Urban Films specialist in creating and integrating visual effects, motion graphics and CGI into commercials, television and film projects.
We offer the most powerful range of digital tools including Smoke, Maya, After Effects, all with the latest plug-ins, to produce stunning results.


Data Management & Delivery
• DCP Conversion up o 4K Resolution
• Apple ProRess QTime HQ (4444) 5K